Who We Are

Since 2007, Mach IV has grown its surveying, engineering and environmental service business and its reputation throughout Wisconsin and the MidWest. This growth is a result of a commitment to highly- experienced and flexible staff, and high-level personal client service. Our experienced staff provide services that result in sustainable, cost-effective solutions through efficient designs, thereby minimizing construction costs. Detailed construction drawings and explicit project specifications are developed to ensure qualified, accurate contractor bids are received and project cost overruns are minimized.

At the onset of each project, Mach IV assembles the design team based on the design team members’ experience/area of expertise and the project needs. Mach IV implements a peer review quality control process on each project. Project reviews are routinely performed by the Project Manager with input from team members at the 30%, 60% and 90% project completion phases.

Mach IV offers a client-focused project approach which allows your project to become our priority. Mach IV emphasizes minimizing design and construction costs while improving constructability to ensure your projects are delivered within budget. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible and rapid response to your project so that it is completed on schedule and within budget. A successful project for us is a project that is ultimately successful for our client.
Ultimately, our goal is to mitigate risks for the customer and provide value to a process that is tried and true. Through every step, we explain the complex requirements in simple terms so that the customer fully understands their legal position and possible options to the optimal solution.

4 Pillars of Mach IV

Mitigate Risk

Our process and diligence avoid possible costly issues.

Faster to Deliver

Our size and expertise ensure shorter lead times.

Fully Integrated

Our teams work closely to solve issues and expedite results.

Highly Experienced

Add our years of experience to protect your project.

“I have teamed with Mach IV on numerous projects over the years and can honestly say they are one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Their team’s expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence make them a reliable partner for any project. It has truly been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to collaborating on future endeavors.”

Zach Waechter | Merjent, Inc.

“We utilized Mach IV’s services for a large project at Carnivore Meat Company’s new Green Field facility, and Bob and his team were instrumental in obtaining city and state permits for all things civil related. There were a lot of moving pieces and last-minute changes that they were able to adapt to quickly. We appreciate our relationship together and couldn’t have done it with-out them.”

Karl “Pudge” Schuh | Schuh Construction, Inc.

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