Residential Land Surveying

Residential Land Surveying

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MACH IV offers our vast commercial experience and detailed surveying process to home and landowners, builders and developers in Wisconsin. At MACH IV, our integrated team works closely with you to cover all procedures and required paperwork. Surrounded by red tape and a sea of acronyms, land surveying is a detailed legal requirement that could result in costly mistakes if not performed by a team as experienced as ours.

At MACH IV, our goal is to mitigate risks for the customer and provide value to a process that is tried and true. Through every step, we explain the complex requirements in simple terms so that the customer fully understands their legal position and possible options to the optimal solution.

Since 2007, we have provided professional engineering, surveying and environmental services for construction projects and developments in NorthEast Wisconsin. Popular surveying questions we answer:

  • Where is my lot line?

  • How do I resolve a dispute with my neighbor?

  • How do I buy/sell land to my neighbor?

  • The city says I need a survey, what now?

Contact us below and a MACH IV land survey expert will gladly help you navigate the right solution. Or call 920-569-5765.

Boundary Services

Whether you have a boundary dispute with a neighbor or need an ALTA Survey (American Land Title Association) for title insurance, our surveyors are well versed in legal requirements and can easily explain the timeline and process. We will survey your property and secure survey monuments for mapping and recording purposes. Boundary surveys are necessary for any easements, merged or split lots and for construction and zoning permits.

Platting Services

Our platting services ensure legal clarity for ownership rights and zoning regulations. Both legal documents, condominium and subdivision plats (maps), are used to define and delineate land boundaries. Condominium plats outline individual units, common areas, and details any restrictive covenants or rules that govern the property. Subdivision plats are used for the division of a larger piece of land into multiple smaller lots or parcels.

Certified Survey Maps (CSM)

We partner with many homeowners, builders and developers, who require detailed CSM services. A Certified Survey Map (CSM) creates or combines designated land parcels and are recorded at the register of deeds office. These are required to divide land for development, sale or exchange, clarify metes and bounds descriptions for permitting and plat reconfiguration.

Flood Plain Mapping

Throughout Wisconsin, FEMA provides Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) that show areas at risk to flooding based on engineering studies called Flood Insurance Studies (FIS). The mapping process is extensive and flood plains can be re-zoned over time. Not only do we perform the complex legal mapping, but we can help landowners re-designate their zoning through an LOMAR application to FEMA or reduce flood insurance with elevation certificate.

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